Carpet construction is divided into four main fiber groups; Polyester, Polypropylene (Olefin), Nylon and Wool; each having their own benefits and drawbacks.  Determining which carpet fits your lifestyle best depends greatly on how you intend to use your new carpet.

Polyester is naturally fade and stain resistant.  It is also exceptionally soft with a large variety of colour options.  It can lose its plushness over time but would perform well in low to medium traffic areas.

Polypropylene (also known as Olefin) is constructed in such a way that it will not fade over time.  It is also stain resistant.  It however, is not as resilient as other fiber options such as nylon and can lose its plushness over time which makes it a good option for low to medium traffic areas.

Nylon is the most commonly used of the four fibers.  It offers the most variety in colour options and is both resilient and stain resistant.  Nylons construction allows it to retain its plushness over time which makes it a great option for medium to high traffic areas, like stairs.

Wool is a natural fiber and considered the most luxurious.  It is eco friendly, crush resistant, soft,  and if properly cared for can last decades.  It is not, however, stain resistant and in some cases can be somewhat high maintenance to clean.